• Masturbator-PDX MEGA-BATOR ASS Pipedream Extreme

Symbol: 30-21558-X-BLACK
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Wysyłka w ciągu 24h
Cena przesyłki 16.9
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Kurier GLS 16.9
Kurier GLS (Pobranie) 19.9
Dostępność Mało
The Mega-Bator is the only hands-free masturbator in the world that does all of the work for you while you watch your favorite filth on your mobile device. No more pumping, stroking, or squeezing just push a button and enjoy explosive results that will make you cum harder than ever before. With no batteries to replace and no messy power cords to get in the way of the fun, this waterproof masturbator is powered by a lithium battery and super-strong motor that delivers amazing thrills and endless pleasure combinations. Unlike ordinary automatic strokers that either spin around or stroke up and down, the advanced Mega-Bator combines both movements for the most mind-blowing sensations ever created.
Informacje o produkcie
Wymiary opakowania 115cm x 115cm x 408cm
Materiał TPE
Całkowita długość 280
Bezpieczne dla ciała Tak
Średnica zewnętrzna 80
Wiele prędkości Tak
Wodoodporność Tak
Średnica wewnętrzna 40
Załączona bateria Tak
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